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Black Stranger Mt. G

June 1/15:

We trapped this guy nearly two weeks ago. He was dining at our cat feeding station on Mt. Gardner and walked into the trap when it was set. He didn’t like being in the trap, which is why he had a gash on his forehead from trying to escape. This has now healed and the hair will grow over the scar, and the whole traumatic episode will soon be a distant memory.

At first we thought he was feral because he was still intact and he was very scared. However, after only a day or so we were able to stroke him and although he is still very shy, he clearly was once somebody’s pet.

If you think you might know who this cat is and where he lives, please let us know. We would prefer to get him back home with his family – and it’s nice to know that he probably will stay home now because we had him neutered. No more roving the island looking for some action. :-) If nobody comes forward we will be seeking adopters.

Albert aka Mt. G Black Stray2Thanks for any info you can share.