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Black&White Stranger Harding/Adams

May 2015: This handsome kitty sure gets around! He was seen last year and a while back on Mt. Gardner and more recently end of Harding Road, and then even more recently Adams Road. We’re pretty sure it is the same cat anyway, considering the markings. We believe he is intact. Do you know who it is? We are going to try trapping him if nobody comes forward, but would rather not put somebody’s pet through this stressful experience, so if you have any clues please let us know soon. Update 2016: This cat disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared and we were never able to trap him. We are hoping he belongs to somebody and has gone home. He was definitely still intact so could have just been “cruising” and might possibly turn up again.

Mt. Gardner B&W Stray-25c84

Harding Road Marysia VisitorMt. Gardner B&W Stray-3