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Spitfire: Orange Tabby

December 24/14: Suzan wrote… “We live on Bowen Bay Road and have 2 cats (sisters). They are both outdoor cats who come in at night to sleep. Our one cat Sydney has been ill. We took Sydney to the vet without her sister Spitfire, and Spitfire was not around when we returned from the vet. Our cats have never been separated from each other. I think Spitfire may have thought Sydney was going away to heaven and ran away. But Sydney is recovering and is very lonely without her sister.

Spitfire is an 11 year old, spayed female orange tabby cat. She is very slim with a beautiful soft shiny coat. She is a short haired orange cat. Spitfire does not have a collar. She is aloof and HATES dogs. She will run from any dog. Our dog has learned to leave Spitfire be. We have food and water dispensers outside so there is always food for the cats when they are outside during the day.

Spitfire has been missing since Dec 12. We look for her every day and have talked to all of our neighbours. We have checked all out buildings and all our neighbours out buildings. I will check the trees at night, she is a climber and very agile. She would never go into a strange car. I am not sure if she would wander into anyone’s house. She is very skittish and doesn’t look for affection from others.

We have not given up hope. Can you help us find our loved Spitfire. We have been told by many friends that sometimes cats go away for weeks, and then one day just show up again. But neither of our cats has ever gone away. I am hoping someone has found Spitfire and maybe taken her in. If so, please return Spitfire to 1727 Bowen Bay Road. The whole family is not giving up hope and the best Christmas gift would be the return of our much loved Spitfire cat.”

Spitfire PhillipeSpitfire Phillipe2