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Tabby Visitor: Creek, Eaglecliff & Oceanview

May 28/17

This sweet cat has been hanging out at a house corner of Creek, Eaglecliff & Oceanview. Seems to be hungry or could just prefer the resident cat’s food over his or her own.

Amber wrote: “I wonder if anyone has lost a small tabby cat (or if they’re wondering where she/he disappears to a lot). A couple of months ago one showed up here. I didn’t notice until this last week though, that she/he was eating OUR cat’s food (we feed her outside). So we started feeding ours inside, and now this tabby sits outside the door patiently waiting for dinner. Surely she/he has a home? She/he’s very shy, and runs if we open the door.”

Does anybody know this kitty? We just want to make sure s/he is not a stray.