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Mystery Orange Cat Miller Rd near the cove

Do you know this friendly kitty? For now he has been nicknamed Ginger by his temporary minder, for obvious reasons. :)

He is cuddly and lovable and spends all of his time at Edna’s house on Miller Road, near the cove, not far from the Ambulance Station. Although she loves him, she cannot keep him. She put a collar on him with a bell and her phone number, but nobody has called her to say “wait a minute, this is my cat!” so we are wondering if he has wandered so far that he is not going home again.

He has been to the vet who gave him a general examine and deemed him healthy. We had him dewormed because he has a round belly and likes to hunt. He had no fleas.

He looks fairly young, but it’s always hard to tell.

If anybody can ID this kitty or give us some clues, it would be much appreciated. Edna does not mind him visiting but she wants to know that he has a proper home somewhere. Contact with information.