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Truffles: Sr. GSP

Feb 16, 2018

Lisa wrote to us:

“Truffles is our 11-year old German short haired pointer. We have had her since she was a puppy. Our family situation has recently changed and she has gone from a house with a large yard and 4 caregivers, to a condo with no outside space and just myself and part-time daughter. We have tried to make it work for the last 3 months since the change but cannot do it any longer. Truffles is very unhappy and has become very barky, anxious and disruptive in the condo :(

She needs a loving home with a fenced yard. She has a good temperament and is gentle with children. She has been going to daycare recently. She is not aggressive with other dogs… she will play with them for a bit, but usually just minds her own business. She loves balls and sticks and retrieving. She loves a good walk, but is equally happy vegging on the couch all day! (Especially if it’s raining!)

I am very sad to be in this situation but know that it is best for Truffles to be in a better environment.”

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