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Spike: SheppardX

Can anyone help gorgeous Spike? If so, please contact Lichen at 604-926-1842 or His guardian wrote the following plea but since then things are getting even more desperate and we need a foster home ASAP.

“Hello Dogwood Rescue.

I spoke to you about a month and half ago about my dog Spike, I was enquiring about surrendering him to you as I didn’t want him to have to stay in a shelter as he gets separation anxiety. It is with a heavy heart that I’m finally writing to ask if you have anyone he can go directly into foster care with.

A bit about Spike…he is medium to slightly large dog a mixed Shepard he is very friendly to everyone he meets and I have never seen him being aggressive with any other dog or person. The main problem is that I am working and he needs to be around someone or he gets anxiety and starts barking or licking himself, even if I’m out and I tie him up somewhere and I’m eating at a table nearby he still barks and gets anxious he doesn’t seem to understand.

I have had him almost 2 years I adopted him from the SPCA in West Vancouver after enquiring about him at the SPCA Quesnel branch, which was where he had been for a long time. They told me he had been surrendered around 100 mile the RCMP had taken two dogs from the same property but didn’t get many details, the other dog was an Irish Wolfhound. They said Spike and the other dog didn’t seem to be very close but once the Irish Wolfhound got adopted out Spike started to get anxiety and started to lick himself. When I rang to enquire they said they were about to send him to West Vancouver as he had been there too long and his chances were better down there. Once he arrived I met him and adopted him not knowing a lot about him, I was living in North Vancouver at the time and had high fences and wasn’t working.

He gets very excited around little people and babies so any child around 7 and under and especially babies in prams; he runs straight up to them and sticks his head in the pram and wants to jump up and lick the kids. This is where the main problem lies, I now live in Whistler where there are no fences and during summer its very restrictive for him, he barks if I tie him up out the back yard on a long lead and so has to be bound up in the house, since working I haven’t had much time to walk him. He goes for a long walk twice a week with Whistler dog walkers but this is something I really can’t afford long term.

He’d be best in a house where someone works from home with older kids, although I think once he got used to little kids his excitement around meeting them would settle down, it already has as my neighbour has a son who is 7 years old and he is ok around him and getting better with his friends and is a lot better with the passing parents with prams and small kids on bikes these last few months.

He will need someone that can train him to come when called this is something I havent worked on well, he sits, drops and fetches a stick or ball and loves long hikes and is a great Bear alarm he seems to sniff one if they are in the area.

He has recently taken to running away and he is getting found in the village and it’s starting to cost me a lot of money so he can’t even sit outside when we are outside gardening or around the house anymore; unfortunately with no fences he now has become a real problem.

I hope you can help somehow.
Many thanks.”