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Ruthie: German Wirehaired Pointer

Ruthie’s guardian writes…

“I’m absolutely gutted that I have to go down the path of re-homing my best friend, but my son’s Asthma is not manageable without his steroidal inhalant and within the past 6 months he has developed hives. I’ve been advised it’s time to make a change.

Ruthie is house trained and she rests on her big comfy dog bed at night or when we are away from the home. 99% of the time she weasels her way onto the couch. :) She’s smart. We have a string of bells that hang from the door knob and she rings the bells with her nose when she needs to go out. Typically, I like to walk her a minimum of once a day off-leash by the river for a minimum of two hours. She also gets to run and swim. Ruthie absolutely LIVES to swim and run. She also loves to have a ball with her.

As a pup under two years old, she needs to be reminded to stay out of the kitchen when we are cooking or eating and has been doing really well. I don’t leave her at home alone for long periods in a day. I work from home and often take her with me if I go out. She loves car rides and is very good in the car. The longest she is left alone is maybe 4-6 hours once a week if we go out on the weekend.

We have an 11 month old baby and a 6 year old. She cuddles with both boys and is very gentle with them. My 6 year old is her special little buddy. She follows him everywhere and is right by his side if he gets in to trouble. We also have a cat. She doesn’t really pay much attention to our cat so I assume she is fine with cats.

An adopter needs to be told that she must absolutely NEVER be given metacam. When she was spayed at 7 months she was given this drug as a pain reliever and had a severe allergic reaction that nearly cost her life. We have had her blood and urine tested twice since this happened and the tests have come back normal. This is all included in her records.”

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