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Max: Boxer/Lab/Hound X

Nov 18, 2018

Max is a dog with great character. He’s super smart and has so much potential.

He’d match well with someone who understands dogs, is keen to show him lots of new tricks, or take him hiking, to agility or similar activity. So far, he knows the basics well. He’s working on ‘shake’ with his foster.

Max has adapted from a rural back yard to living in the center of New Westminster in the past three weeks. He waits at his regular crosswalks until he hears ‘let’s go’. Sometimes he goes for napkins or tissues he finds on the sidewalk but he’ll drop things like that if you say ‘leave it’. All very helpful behaviours on walks!

He’s pretty excited when he wakes up in the morning and is an expert at getting you out of bed in a good mood.

He has a lot of energy and would benefit from an active household. He makes a great outdoor partner and likes to follow scents. He has been getting a slow introduction to jogging at his foster home (he’s building up very gradually from short bursts mixed in with his walks).

He enjoys his naps just as much as he enjoys his exercise and keeps pretty mellow indoors. His foster works from home and he’s well behaved during work time provided he gets his regular outings.

Max is very loving. He likes to be cozy, enjoys a cuddle and has a favourite blanket that he carries around the house proudly.

When his human is away, he’s happy to be in his crate. He’ll even go in there on his own if he senses that you’re getting ready to leave without him.

He’s housetrained but has accidents at his foster home because currently he has a bladder stone that limits his control, poor guy. Once this has been resolved, he’ll be back on track with a consistent routine for bathroom breaks. He excited-pees sometimes (if it’s taking a while to get out the door for a walk, when you let him out of his crate after being out of the house).

He just really loves to spend quality time with his person and has had some neglect in his past.

He LOVES people of all ages and enjoys making new human friends. It’s probably best that he doesn’t live with young children or elderly since he might knock them over by accident if he gets over-excited.

Max has quickly become a popular guy around his foster neighbourhood. He even has favourite stores on the block where he likes to stop and look in regularly. People keep an eye out for him and we get lots of smiles from these shop keepers when they see his face at the door.

He’s afraid/unsure of other dogs and barks and pulls toward them when he’s on his leash. Usually this is only if another dog is walking toward him or if one comes around a corner unexpectedly – he doesn’t seem to notice too much if there’s a dog across the street or in the distance so it’s easy to re-route around these encounters until he has the chance to work on this with a trainer.

When he was younger, he lived with another dog but mostly has been under-socialized with other dogs; and left only in the back yard for exercise; a mild-mannered, older senior dog might work as a companion.

We are not sure how old he is (around the 5 yr. mark?) but is healthy according to the vet, except for the bladder stone which is being treated.

Max is well-behaved on the leash otherwise but he’s a strong boy and does need a confident lead. He has been known to try to dart after small creatures outside but he’s not too fixated and can be corrected easily enough.

Max, like the many forsaken animals in our society, deserves to have someone love him. He needs a foster or foster-to-adopt home immediately. What a caring gift for a dog this Christmas season! Please consider him.

Max is with Dogwood Rescue. Call 604-926-1842 or email