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Marley: Black Golden Doodle

Mar 22, 2018

Marley is a black Golden Doodle. He was 4 years old on December 25th. He is in excellent health and is very loving, however he does have anxiety and can be a nervous dog. The current owners have had Marley since he was 8 months old. They also have a female bouvier/poodle.

The two dogs have been increasingly developing reactive behaviour together, which didn’t exist when they were on their own. The female is rather shy and Marley becomes very protective of her. She becomes much braver when he is around and will bark at people. When this occurs Marley becomes protective and will bark and lunge at people.

At home, or alone, Marley can be a very sweet and loving dog where he is very content to play and cuddle with people. He is not high energy just loves being around people.

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