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Leroy: Coonhound

Mar 10, 2018

From Leroy’s owner:

“Leroy is a gorgeous, 4.5 year old purebred black and tan coonhound who needs to work. He loves to hunt, chasing coyotes, bears, and cougars, using his incredible nose to follow their scents and track them.

He is well socialized with other dogs, very loving with older children and adults, and loves to lounge when he isn’t working.

I am looking for either a dog-share or foster situation with someone who has a large property away from any roads where he can safely roam, and/or someone who wants to take him away hunting or put him to work tracking cougars!

He is a working dog who needs to work. And he is LOUD when he bays — you can hear him for miles and he is definitely NOT a lab that stays close to his owner. But he always comes home exhausted and happy.

If you are interested in working with a loving and scent-talented dog in a remote/wilderness environment, please reach out — I want Leroy to have the best life he can! Adoption is also an option.”

Contact Lichen at or call 604-926-1842.