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Jett: GSP

Nov 13, 2017

Jett’s owner wrote:

Jett is a 5-year old GSP and has been in our home since 2015. Alas, our son has developed serious asthma and is now allergic to Jett. Our son is getting quite bad and the medication he’s on makes him feel dizzy and sick to his stomach.

If there was a foster option, that would be best. We can keep him a bit longer, but we hope to find him a foster home sooner than later.

Jett is an active dog. He loves going for daily walks and runs and adores the dog park. Even though he loves running around outside, he’s calm and peaceful inside. He loves lazing by the fire or in a ray of sunshine by a window.

His recall isn’t the best (he likes to sniff out rabbits and squirrels!) so we’ve kept him on leash or off leash only at the dog park. Jett gets along with all other animals and we’ve barely heard him bark.

He eats Canadian Naturals, 1.5 cups 2x per day. He didn’t do well on grain free as it seemed to upset his stomach. We’ve had no health concerns with Jett. His vet is Dr. Marlow.

Jett stays home while we’re at work with no issues and no anxiety. He has great manners and is very calm and gentle with our kids, although we don’t know how comfortable he is with very small children.

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