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Finley: Belgian Malinois/Shetland X

Feb 24, 2018

Finley is a 6-year old Belgian Malinois/Shetland mix. She was adopted from a shelter and everything was fine until her family’s baby came along. Finley was not aggressive but the couple felt uncomfortable with her reactions to the baby. Finley moved to a family member’s home on Bowen in mid-December.

Unfortunately, the new caregiver’s dog and Finley are not getting along and they have to be kept separate. Finley now needs a dog experienced home on or off island. No chickens, cats, or young children.

Finley is good on leash but becomes excitable when seeing and being with other dogs. She likes walks and has good recall. She is about 60 lb. Her health is okay except for occasional irritable bowel syndrome so is given pumpkin and a supplement. Her teeth are apparently good.

Finley is extremely calm and sweet with people. She is definitely happiest with a big backyard and calm environment.

Contact Emily at 604-613-7698 or Gail at 604-617-3122.

** On our FB Pages site, Silo Deer wrote… “I saw your post about Finley and wanted to send a few other photos that I think show off her beauty and personality better. I am her previous owner and can share more information about her, if needed.” **