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Faith: Labrador/Doberman Retriever

Dec 7, 2017

Faith is a spayed, three-year-old Labrador/Doberman Retriever. She is a very active dog who loves to run and play frisbee, and enjoys going for walks. Her walks have been on leash. She has been raised on a fenced and cross-fenced farm and so is used to having space to run, but not without parameters. She weighs 85 pounds.

Faith has had four sets of training classes, moving up the levels, and is quite obedient with proper cues and positive reinforcement, especially treats.

Faith gets along with some, but not all other dogs, so care needs to be taken with whom she is placed. She will chase cats, so would be best in a cat-free home.

Faith was taken from her litter at six weeks old and can be a bit of a nervous dog. She does not like to be examined by the vet, so may need to be muzzled should she need any medical intervention. She is up-to-date on her shots.

Faith is used to having someone home during the day most of the time, so would fit very well with a stay-at-home parent of teens, or ideally a retired, active couple where she gets lots of attention. She has had little experience around small children and because of her energy level, could be at risk of knocking them down.

The reason Faith is needing to be re-homed is due to her owner’s needing to downsize and having too many pets for smaller surroundings.

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