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Copper: Blood Hound/Coon Hound X

Apr 7, 2019

We received this message from a friend in Cranbrook, BC:

“We live in Cranbrook BC and run a non-profit Pet Food Bank. One of our acquaintances recently took a hound from a hunter who planned to kill the 9 month old because it was not up to his standards for the hunt; practically threw the pup at them saying, “he is no use to us.”

Our acquaintance cannot keep the dog nor are we able to with our own 
living situation. He is a really nice boy, so affectionate and full of energy.

Our local SPCA said they are full as just had 5 dogs surrendered to 
them today – they have 2 hounds already that were surrendered.
Perhaps you might take them too (big dreams here – I know lol) This 
seems to be a common thing around the interior of hunting hound owners 
not valuing the dogs as anything but a tool – very sad & very much not 
how we view animals. Many are shot it seems :( Laws must be changed as 
to the legality of this!

Just wondering if you guys are capable of taking this boy or future 
ones we might hear of that are in jeopardy? We know you are
the default hound rescue group in BC.

I have only disability income and we have no funding for our non-profit 
which takes all we have to keep going, but we would be willing to help 
transport him if necessary.

We were told he is a Blood Hound, Coon Hound Cross.  The family that saved him initially did take him to the vet and they said he is in good shape; his eyes are a little red but nothing necessary to do – maybe will need some eye drops in future.

A bit more info from our observations:

He is potty trained, quiet inside other than being unsure so whines a bit when insecure, and is not aggressive at all. 

He loves everyone and wants to be friends with dogs. 

He is good with other dogs and cats, was in another home for 2 weeks before us with a dog and a cat; he just needs help getting to know new animals and learning his manners as he is still a puppy. 

He learns quickly and was around a young teen already. 

He doesn’t know about lots of things in town, like bikes or anything like that yet, but we are sure he can learn and do well; he may have been abused by the breeder around the whole hunting situation, he doesn’t like anything but food items and tennis balls. 

He is a little afraid if you play too rough and isn’t quite sure how to play with people yet. Still figuring out toys – do not think he was ever played with. 

He tends to bark when big dogs rush up to him but either in an excited “I’m a Hound” way, or unsure and a bit scared if they seem aggressive. He is all gangly legs so looks a bit older than he is, at only 9 months. I do not believe he has been fixed. 

We have been taking Copper to dog park every day to socialize him and he is a good doggie. Tail always wagging. Also confirmed he is great with new cats – no aggression at all – we hope he can go to a house with other pets as he would be a great addition to a family unit with other pets. He loves to play with other dogs. 

Hope to hear from you guys that he can come find a forever home through you. Please let me know if it is not possible too so we can try to figure out what to do. He is going between our volunteers home that does not allow pets, to ours & we have 4 cats lol. Not ideal. Thank you for everything. 

Thank you for the possibility of helping us. Please let me know if it is possible.”

Call Dogwood Rescue at 604-926-1842 or email if you can help.