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Coco: Mexican Pup

July 7, 2017
Coco is approximately 10 months old. She was rescued from abusers in Puerto Vallarta in late February and was brought into a shelter/vet by a local. She was very malnourished and had some small skin infections, which they treated with antibiotics. Since arriving in Canada, she has been spayed, had all of her immunizations and blood work analysis, and now deemed to have a clean bill of health. However, she has a hip bone that is slightly distorted, and it is thought she likely was hit by a car and it healed by itself. It might be necessary for her to have bone supplements to ward off early onset arthritis, but this is still to be determined and we might not really know until she’s older. Coco knows how to sit on command, walks fairly well on a leash, and is very trainable. She’s good with cats but wants to play with them.

Her rescuer writes… “Coco has the sweetest disposition. Everywhere I take her she is the nicest, kindest dog of all of them. She never barks unless she is trying to get attention to play with another dog or if a stranger walks right past our door and she is behind the gate. She has never once been aggressive in any way. She loves to cuddle and be snuggled. She is very affectionate all the time. She wags her tail at everyone and wants affection. She loves to sleep with us in bed but is happy in her dog bed too. She is great in the car, never gets sick and sits or lies down nicely. She loves to play with dogs. Never aggressive. Never bites. She’s good at waiting for the ok to start eating. She loves treats and raw bones of any kind, she will chew on them and get every last morsel.

I would keep her if I could. I can’t say how sweet she is, so loving and kind and everyone comments on it. My biggest problem is time. As a single mom with a child who has some pretty big health challenges I just can’t provide the time she needs. We have a very sporadic schedule and with work and school and appointments it’s very hard to be here for her. I know she will be the best dog for someone who has the time and space to be there for her.”

If you would like to meet Coco or learn more please contact