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Checkers: Pointer-TerrierX

Checkers is a very good looking, young, neutered, energetic male about 2 years old who absolutely loves retrieving balls. He could spend hours chasing and returning (swimming or running) the ball when one throws it. He is very focussed.

He likes walks, is good on the leash without pulling, but the fetch game is his favourite. Currently he is getting two 1-hour walks per day, plus the ball game. Checkers would also excel at frisbee or agility. He is house trained, sleeps through the night, likes to have his bed in your bedroom.

He can be insistent on what he wants so needs consistency in care and continued training in behaviour should be maintained. Since this poor boy has (unbelievably!) lived in at least 10 separate environments, he bonds quickly to his caregiver. Poor guy, Checkers so desperately wants/needs the security of a forever home. He would be best with at least two adults, but more would be even better, preferably with one who works from home. A caregiver who could take him everywhere would also work, with lots of socialization with friends. He is very good in the car.

A large fenced yard is a necessity. His original owners left him alone outside and since he was bored, he went “walk-about”. He is sweet and affectionate with people but because he is hyperactive, he would not be good with young children. We do not know about his relationship with cats but he does not seem particularly prey driven as he is living with a 15 lb Chihuahua X who tries to provoke him.

Checkers jumps up when excited. He likes his toys and prefers not to share them, but has been living with other dogs for the past few months and does not react unless a dog is aggressive towards him. Definitely, a dog-savvy, patient owner is needed for this homeless boy. As his foster mom, I would love to keep him as he is so attuned to me but he deserves more individual attention than I can provide as I have several other dogs.

Is there a super-energetic family who would love a diamond in the rough pet? To learn more and meet Checkers, please contact