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Carol & Janice: Vizsla sisters

Feb 11, 2019

We’re Carol and Janice, 13 year old Vizsla sisters who are looking for a home where we can live our best life together for the next few years. We love our home now but it won’t be around for much longer, it’s soon turning into a high rise and we can’t stay there anymore. We’ll miss our caregiver very much but we’re full of love and have lots to give to others too!   

We would adapt seamlessly into a new home in a short period of time with any loving caregiver, and would thrive with someone who spends a lot of time there and where we’re the only dogs. We don’t mind other dogs, we just prefer to be together and don’t pay much attention to them. When you have a built-in bff from birth you don’t need to look much further for friends! We’re very sweet and entertaining, we’re both in excellent health with no signs of slowing down soon, even at the age of 13 years young. 

Completely housebroken, good with kids, cats, other dogs, don’t bark excessively at home unless some danger presents itself at the front door (must alert everyone to dangerous doorbell!), or present any risk of biting or aggression, though we do bicker vocally as sisters do, but that’s just with each other. 

We still enjoy going for walks and runs, though we don’t go as long as we used to or in the extreme heat, we’re also just as happy to sleep in and have attention! We can jump in and out of the back seat of the car without issue (Carol likes to pretend she can’t though) and both are excellent on and off leash. 

Vizslas are nicknamed ‘velcro dogs’ for a reason, and we’re no exception! We stay close at all times on walks, even when off leash, though we do like to go sniffing around a little. If we get caught up on a scent trail we just have to hear our names and come running back! We’re not good at being left in the car though, and we don’t like being tied up outside any store. We will bark excessively here and try to break free from our collars, it’s best to leave us at home when doing errands where we can feel safe in our beds – we LOVE our beds! 

Carol must have a vet clip her nails with the help of two others, she squirms around quite a bit and doesn’t like it. Otherwise, we’re the most wonderful companions and would be quite happy and give you very little trouble and lots of love and wags, especially for someone who can spend a lot of time at home with us or doesn’t travel often (again, we LOVE our bed, if you must travel with us, as long as we know where to go to our bed we will be happy and secure). 

We have added some additional information about us:

Call Dogwood Rescue at 604-926-1842 or write to if you can help these sweeties.