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Caliber (Cali): Redbone Coonhound

Jan 20, 2018

We received this from Cali’s current adopter:

“Hi there,

We rescued a Redbone Coonhound last year through Dogwood. His name is Caliber (Cali). He’s a lovely dog but he requires so much space and exercise, ideally he would be on acreage or a farm.

I’m just putting feelers out there in case you know of anyone who may be looking for a loving dog. He’s 3-years old and just had his vaccinations updated.

He’s amazing with kids, our 1-year old climbs all over him. He’s also very good with other dogs, our other dog was the reason we adopted.

However, he requires so much exercise. I take him on two walks daily but he could go all day. Our yard isn’t big enough for a dog with his energy level. We thought the walks would be enough but they aren’t, he needs space to run free.”

Note from Dogwood: There are indoor exercises and training which can supplement runs and walks which will use up a dog’s energy but Cali definitely is a high energy dog. Currently he’s living on Bowen Island.

Contact Lichen at or call 604-926-1842 if you’re interested in learning more or meeting Cali.