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Boone: Coonhound

Boone is a Redbone coonhound, ~4 years old (born May 2015). Current owners got him at 8 weeks old from a casual breeder in Kamloops. Neutered, dew claws removed. No health issues. 

We received this information from Boone’s owners:

Boone has taken basic obedience training in the past and knows basic commands (sit, shake paw, come, heel, leave it). Off-leash recall (calling verbally) works about 75% of the time, but he is very nose driven, so if there is something he is following, he will ignore everything else. He is housebroken and crate trained (and will usually sleep in his crate.)

Boone loves to run and explore. We take him for walks on the mountain near our house a couple of times a week (though less with the recent cold weather) and he runs up and down the trail, but returns to us when he is called. 

Boone also loves to hang out with the family. He usually spends the days in my home office sleeping on the couch or at my feet as I work, or on the couch with our older children as they watch TV. He’ll often sprawl out on his back looking for belly scratches or come up to you looking for head scratches.

Boone is also very communicative and expressive, not afraid to let you know when he wants something, and is very good at letting you know exactly what that is.

We used to take him to dog parks regularly, and he never had issues with other dogs at that time. He was always ready and willing to run and play with other dogs. About 2 years ago, he was attacked without provocation and needed some stitches, and we stopped going (our nervousness, not his behaviour). Since then he will bark or bay urgently at any other dog he sees (and pull if on a leash), but we haven’t had any fighting or other incidences like that, mostly due to keeping him away from other dogs. 

We had another dog until recently (a female hound, a little older), and they coexisted peacefully (though not necessarily amicably) outside of mealtime, when they needed to be separated (and he often growled at her while eating if she was within eyesight). If they weren’t separated or if he saw her sniffing around his empty bowl later, a fight would occur and they’d have to be separated. I’m not sure when this started exactly, as we used to be able to feed them in the same room (different bowls) with no issue. 

Three years ago our two dogs escaped our yard and were picked up by animal control a few blocks away from our house. When they were found, Boone jumped and bit the animal control officer’s belt. He gave us an unofficial warning, but nothing was recorded, and we chalked it up to being a high stress situation.

Boone will bark and bay at any strangers he sees, whether it is someone that comes into our home or just passers-by in the street that he sees through the window. This was not always an issue; it started when we had someone move into the suite below us some time ago (~3 years) with a chihuahua that would go into a frenzy whenever anyone came to the door, which would in turn set Boone off himself. This habit has persisted even though we moved away from there some time ago, and over the last few months it has escalated to the point where he has bitten or tried to bite several strangers, from our neighbour or landlord down the driveway to my mother-in-law in our house. Thankfully none have resulted in injury (not even breaking skin).

About two weeks ago, he began to growl at our 2 year old daughter. She would walk up to him and pat his back (as she’s done many many times in the past and and he would begin to growl, and we’d immediately separate them. A week ago he growled, then immediately lunged at her, knocking her to the ground (again thankfully no injuries). Up until this, I would have said he was good with kids, as he’s never shown any issues, and would routinely curl up beside her on the couch to sleep. Since then he has continued to growl at her for no discernible reason (though of course we now keep them separated).

We did have a dog trainer come out to assess him about a week ago. She unfortunately didn’t do a written assessment, but did say she would be willing to speak with whoever took Boone on give any feedback you may require. Her name is Debbie McLean of The K9 Coach Pet Services (, 604-621-1698). We are currently doing muzzle training with Boone.

Do you have an interest in helping Boone? Call Dogwood Rescue at 604-926-1842 or write to