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Arly: GSP/Lab X

May 11, 2018

Arly is an 18-month old GSP/Lab mix. Apparently she was left tied up or in a backyard most of her first year, so she had little socialization. She is also a little more cautious around men and cowers to loud voices/noises or raising of a hand.

Here’s more information from her current caretaker:

Behavioural issues: She can jump/lunge at people (in a playful way) – we’ve been working on this and making proper intros, but it’s still a work in progress.

Guarding: She will guard special toys and treats (like bones), with escalating growling and nipping.

Separation: She goes a bit crazy barking when you leave her, but that lasts for just a couple of minutes (and she is not destructive in the house) – but we’ve limited her alone time to a few hours at a time. She barks incessantly if left tied up (even for 2 min, within view, outside of a Starbucks, for example).

Nipping: She will often nip at bikers or runners ankles or forearms (once doing significant damage to me!) – she’s not quite herding, but it seems like she thinks this is a game – have not made much progress on this with a trainer.

Video of Arly playing

If you’re interested in helping Arly, please contact Lichen at or call 604-926-1842.