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Boo: Whippet/Greyhound Mix

Feb 3, 2018

Boo’s rescuer wrote to us:

“Boo is 4-years-old, originally rescued from Huatulco, Mexico. Boo looks like she has whippet or greyhound in her.

She weighs approx. 30 lb. She has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and is very healthy. Boo is completely house trained.

She gets along with kids and other dogs but not sure how she gets along with cats. She has not had any formal training.

Boo is very playful and gentle with my smaller dog. She is also very respectful of my 12.5-year-old dog, who is not at all playful at this stage in her life!

She has also been good with the people we have introduced her to. There have been no issues with Boo. She does bark when people arrive or walk by the house. We are working on curbing that behaviour.

She needs work on her leash walks. She has improved since I have had her and I think would eventually – once she bonds with her person – be able to be off-leash. She is very athletic and loves to run. She is smart as well.”

If you would like to hear more about Boo, contact Lichen at or call 604-926-1842.