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Shyanne: Grey Tabbycat

This sweet tabby has had much trauma in her life, having seen her sister run over and killed, and then she went missing for a long time after a new cat member joined the family who would bully her. She actually became quite feral, so once recaptured she was boarded for many months while we attempted to get her back on track. Now things are finally turning around for Shyanne, and this is primarily because we have been able to find a quiet foster home for her where she can prepare to meet her ultimate forever family.

Shyanne is very sweet and gentle. Six years old. Healthy. She would make a wonderful companion for most children or adults. Let’s find her a happy home.

If you would like to meet Shyanne with a view to adoption, please contact or We would prefer a quiet home, probably where there are no other cats, although a cat friendly dog would be okay.