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Grace: Beautiful Black Cat

A beautiful black indoor/outdoor kitty who needs a home on Bowen where she can enjoy the outdoors…

Mickey of VOKRA writes…

“Grace is a little adventurer. Upon first meeting her, you can expect warm greetings and soft meows of welcome. She usually runs to greet people when they get home, and is eager for pets and belly rubs. She is fearless in her explorations of her environment, and likes to spend hours on a perch by the window, watching the birds and traffic. She will frequently join you on the sofa for a snuggle or a “drive-by” head rub.

Grace is a creature of habit, and would do best in a home that maintained a regular schedule. A home where people are not gone long hours would be the best fit as she’s a young kitty that needs the stimulation and enjoys the daily routine.”

Gracie does need an indoor/outdoor home and VOKRA would like a trial adoption. Contact Mickey at”