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Beetle: Shorthaired Tabby Kitten

Nov 26, 2017

Ellen K from VOKRA on Bowen wrote:

“Beetle is a playful 7-month old kitten! He is a litter trained, short haired, sleek, neutered tabby. Beetle was raised in a home with many children, loves to sleep in arms at night, and purrs up a storm.

He’s great with a couple of my large, confident male cats but would overwhelm a tiny or shy kitty as his prey drive is pretty strong so he would chase and pounce. He’d be a good match for a cat friendly dog or a young and playful kitty around his size and age.

He should definitely go to a home willing to play with him using wand toys. He has lots of energy at this age and needs to be exercised.”

If you’re interested in meeting Beetle, please contact Ellen via