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Adoptions: Cats & Dogs

To view info and photos of individual companion animals for adoption, please click on the name on the menu.

In most cases, but not always, the companion animals listed for adoption on our website are from Bowen Island, and we always attempt to place them in new homes on Bowen Island. However, we are also open to homes off-island with good referrals.

We work closely with the Missy Foundation and Dogwood Rescue, which are both located on Bowen Island. We also work closely with a Bowen based reprentative of VOKRA.

– CAWES, Missy Foundation and VOKRA animals are listed here.

– For Dogwood dogs check Adoptions: Dogwood Dogs.


It is our policy to always ask for completed adoption applications and to do home visits for all adopted companion animals – even with people we know! Completing an application allows the potential adopter to consider everything that is involved in bringing a new furry or feathery friend home; things that might not have been considered when first deciding to adopt. The purpose of home visits is to make sure that the home is set up and ready for the new family member.