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CAWES (Coast Animal Welfare & Education Society) was founded in November 2000. We are a group of volunteers who believe that all creatures should be treated humanely and with respect.

There is no SPCA or wildlife rescue group on our island. CAWES manages to fulfill a much needed animal advocacy service to our community by…


  • Controlling the overpopulation of felines through sterilization.
  • Minimizing any impact on wildlife by feeding stray and abandoned cats.
  • Offering ongoing support, consolation, and advice to animal lovers and pet owners; and educating them in the care and welfare of their pets.
  • Providing financial and moral support to pet owners in need who have sick companion animals.
  • Reuniting lost companion animals with their families.
  • Finding forever homes for companion animals that have been abandoned or given up for adoption.
  • Reducing the number of stray animals through our foster and adoption activities.
  • Helping to sustain our natural environment by participating in and supporting wildlife rescue activities.



Grants gratefully received 2017:

  • PAWS for Hope Organizational Development Grant, towards our feral cat shelter.
  • Bowen Island Municipality’s Spring Grant-In-Aid Program, towards our feral cat shelter.




“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated” ~ Gandhi